I have added some simple background tiles. You find the link to them on my sets page for now.
Also new, some icons/avatars for MSN, Yahoo, Skype, forums or anything else you can use them for.

* Graphics sets, PSP frames, background tiles - These are linkware. I do require a link back to this site if you use any of them.
* Fonts - I did not make them, they are not my property.
* Tubes - Do with them what you will.
* Icons/avatars - A link back is appreciated, if used in forums.
Link text or button to http://www.kathscorner.com/graphics/

Don't take anything from the layout of this site. It is made specifically for my own use. If you want me to make you a custom layout, email me with as many spesifics as possible. My email address is on the contact page.

All graphics are created with